The magical world of Gypsy Grace and the Vintage Goat

gypsy-graceStep into the world of Gypsy Grace and the Vintage Goat.

I have always gotten the feeling that crossing through the doorway at Gypsy Grace and the Vintage Goat ushered you into a magical, alternate world. On the surface it seems to be a store packed with curiosities and oddities, but as you walk through its maze of offerings you end up deeper inside, and then you are under its spell. The building itself seems to be alive and can read your mind. It presents the items that interest you most by gently sliding them to the forefront to make you say, “Ooh! Look at that!” At the same time, the other pieces slowly recede to wait for the next visitor.

Ok, I probably just have a hyper-active imagination, but Gypsy Grace inspires that imagination. Once you are inside it’s easy to fall in love with the place. It helps that it’s run by the friendly duo of Angel and Joe.

They greet you with and smile and before long, you’re laughing and talking and you feel at home. That’s just the kind of people Joe and Angel – the owners of Gypsy Grace – are, friendly, talkative, and filled with a saucily seasoned good humor.

Angel Grace has always had an eye for vintage styles and decorating. Joe Scheibe has always been a tinkerer and a collector. Couple those traits with a love of being around fun and interesting people, and you end up with their one of a kind shop.

Angel finds all the vintage pieces available in the store and she seeks out local jewelers and candle makers that fit their aesthetic. Recently she has also begun to include accessories such as purses, hats, and colorfully designed socks.

Just about every lamp you will find in the shop was built by Joe from some of the unique pieces that Angel has brought in. If he’s there, usually he’s working on something. If you stick around long enough, you’ll have first dibs on the newest lamp in the shop.

gypsy-grace-akron-devil-stripThe most recent Unbox featured a ready for frame screen print that
asks, “Tree Lawn or Devil Strip?”, over vintage dictionary pages. Akronites know the answer and can be provoked to strictly correct anyone who gives the wrong answer. Joe personally hand screen printed each one. A special treat for our members.

The great thing about Gypsy Grace is that they have turned it into more than just a shop. They host unique events such as tarot card reading parties, comedy shows, and they’ve even had a local showcasing of performance art.

It’s not out of the ordinary to walk in and find musicians performing or the Square Scullery food truck in the parking lot.

They recently purchased the building where the shop is located. The upper floors are apartments and they’ve turned one apartment into an Air B&B rental that’s been decorated with items from the shop. They encourage guests to explore the city like an Akronite would by providing a bicycle, maps of the city, and copies of the Devil Strip.

So if you are in the area, be sure to stop in 451 W Market St and say hi to Joe and Angel. Step into the magical world they are creating. You’ll appreciate the escape from the normal world.

Pro-tip: They are located right next door to Stagecoach Antiques (another place you really need to visit if you’ve never been in before).

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