Ultimate Unbox – “Why Is It Still Cold?” edition

We have been flirting with the idea that spring was finally here. Our Ultimate Unbox helps keep you cozy during the chill.

image square_efxWe were so close. We had a couple of days that seemed to say that the thaw had officially begun. Then reality set in. Winter wasn’t done with us yet. Have no fear, Unbox is here with the “Why is it still cold?” Ultimate Unbox.

This “best of” box is a one time purchase and is designed to help make this chill Mother Nature dropped on us a little cozier.

This box features the very popular Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy ski cap from Blimpin-aint-easyFebruary’s box. We mock this second dose of winter by including a print of Raphael Gleitsmann’s “Winter Evening” depicting downtown Akron in the 1930s. We include a bottle of Not Yo Daddy’s hot sauce to warm you up from the inside while making your food taste great. There’s Stray Dog mustard in case you go for a HOTdog to fend off the cold. If you don’t want to leave the house but you still want snacks, there are Peaceful Fruits, Metropolis popcorn, and Made By Mike Treats.

Let’s say you are the type who enjoys the cold.  You aren’t asking why is it still cold. You want to get out and enjoy Akron while Jack Frost is still hanging around. We have included passes to Weathervane Playhouse. Grab a friend and go see a play.

There’s also music and lots of other fun stuff in the “Why Is It Still Cold?” Ultimate Unbox. You get the best of some of our past boxes all in this one time purchase. There’s no subscription, you just get this one box of fun Akron item.

The retail value of this box is $120 but for the next 48 hours, you can have all these Akron goods for $57. That deal only last for 2 days or until we sell out. We only have 30 of these to sell, so place your order now!