It’s spring…right? (Last chance to get a Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy ski cap)


Did you miss February’s “Big Blimpin’ Box”? Been wanting one of our Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy ski caps? Here’s your last change to get one.

Blimpin-aint-easyWe all went to bed last night secure in the idea that spring had sprung. Then we make up to the fact that winter is the house guest who just won’t leave. That’s why our Unbox Akron exclusive “Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy” ski caps are on sale for 48 hours.

Look, we refuse to be outdone. If it’s going to still be cold, we might as well be warm and look good at the same time. Not to mention show our Akron pride! Blimpin’ ain’t easy, but somebody gotta do it.

When February’s “Big Blimpin'” box went out we got tons of messages from people asking, “How do I get one of those hats?!” But we let our members bask in the fact that they were the few who received their Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy hats because they subscribe to Unbox.

Because it’s so cold, we are breaking out this favorite one more time before we put them away for good. Want one? You only have 48 hours to order, so once they are gone, they are gone. Shipping is free, so order yours now!

We are also offering up the “Why Is It Still Cold?!” Ultimate Unbox.

If you have been wondering what it’s like to be an Unbox member, you can get a bit of the best of all our past boxes in a one time purchase, no subscription required. The Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy hat is in the Ultimate Unbox as well, not to mention a Raphael Gleitsmann’s Winter Evening print from the Akron Art museum, a bottle of Not Yo Daddy’s hot sauce, some Stray Dog mustard, passes to Weathervane Playhouse and more.

So dive in and have some fun with us as we make winter pack its bags and get out of Akron for good!

Now go get your Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy hat.