Akronology takes Big Blimpin to new heights

Blimp thank you card by Akronology

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Heather and Craig Wargowsky worked with the original creators of Crafty Mart in 2009. They realized then that they wanted to “be part of the Akron ‘craft’ business,” so Akronology was born.

Heather and Craig – a husband and wife duo – have strong ties to Akron. They work and live in Akron, their children go to school in Akron, and they’re proud of Akron’s history, “from the booming start of the rubber factories to its downfall.” Craig said that they “want to be part of the rebirth of this great city and all it has to offer.”

Akronology sells various items emblazoned with Akron-related art and sayings. Each Unbox Akron member received one of three greeting cards in the February “Big Blimpin” box. A lot of Akronology’s merchandise features the Goodyear blimp. The Wargowsky’s live on Goodyear Blvd. in Goodyear Heights, and Heather’s dad worked at Goodyear. When coming up with new greeting card designs, they’re inspired by their surroundings in a fun, humorous and relevant way.

Like most people in the city, Craig says “we’ve always been fascinated by the blimp, from its size, to its sound, to the fear it induces in my kid’s grandpa!” When Goodyear’s aircrew decommissioned an old blimp, the Wargowskys jumped at the chance to own a bit of “that majestic piece of vinyl.” They got one of the letter Os but weren’t quite sure what to do with it.

Goodyear blimp bows made by Akronology. Credit: Heather Wargowsky
Goodyear blimp bows made by Akronology. Credit: Heather Wargowsky

After a while, they decided to make decorative bows using various sized strips of the blimp material. Craig explained that “each piece is cut by us, then twisted, glued and packaged as our blimp bow. Each bow is based on the section of the blimp and its age and deterioration. People have used them as present toppers, Christmas tree ornaments, hair pieces, broaches and just plain old decoration.”

You can find Akronology on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to catch them in person, Heather and Craig try to participate in every winter Crafty Mart. Craig encourages you to send them a message on Facebook, and they’ll “do whatever [they] can to send some blimp love your way!”

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