A Look Inside the January Unbox Akron Box – Part 2


When last we spoke…

Photo Courtesy of Shane Wynn

In part one we took a look at a few of the great items in the January Unbox Akron box. We checked out the Inside/Out shopping bag, and the “Winter Evening” art print by Rapheal Gleitsmann – both from the Akron Art Museum. We talked about the Verb Ballet tickets for the February 19 Tribute to Heinz Poll at the Akron Civic Theatre. We took at look at the independent film and documentary DVD “Dear Mothman/Sincerely P.V. Reese” by Philip J Swift. And we talked about the absolutely beautiful Rune of Akron design from the incredibly talented Jessica Lofthus.

The deal is, we still aren’t done yet! Our member had plenty more great stuff in the January edition of Unbox Akron. So let’s dive back into the box.

I am a big fan of Not Yo’ Daddy’s hot sauce. I like the flavor and heat of hot peppers but I am

Photo Courtesy of Shane Wynn

not a big fan of the vinegary taste most hot sauces have. Not Yo’ Daddy’s brings the heat with all the pepper flavor I enjoy, but without the overwhelming vinegar flavor. I have been in love since my first taste.

When Cristina González Alcalá and Richelle Wardell – the talented ladies behind Not Yo’ Daddy’s – signed on to put their hot sauce in the box I was ecstatic! I knew long before our first box that I wanted to share this hot sauce with everyone, so I was able to get that one checked off my list.

The Not Yo’ Daddy’s recipe comes from the city of Durango in Mexico. For Akronites in the know, there is only one hot sauce to use when you are cooking. Now I just have to convince Cristina to share a few of her favorite dinner recipes with me that she uses Not Yo’ Daddy’s in. I’ll let you know when she does. Stay tuned!

Photo Courtesy of Shane Wynn

Most Akronites already know that Mark Mothersbaugh is one of the founding members of Devo. You know he makes music, but did you know he is also a visual artist? Mothersbaugh has a traveling art exhibit titled Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia. It will be on display at the Akron Art Museum as part of a joint presentation with MOCA Cleveland from May 27 – Aug 28.

We decided to give you a sneak peek into the Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia exhibit through selections from the “Collected Fact & Lies” postcard series from Mark Mothersbaugh.

Here’s what MCA Denver had to say about Mothersbaugh’s postcard series:

Almost all of Mothersbaugh’s visual art originates with drawings on postcards, which he has been producing daily since the 1970s. The drawings are filled with fantastical characters and surreal settings. The drawings on these postcards are mainly rendered in pen and ink in an impish comic book style, which grew out of the Underground Comix movement that spread throughout the counterculture of the late 1960s and early 70s. His postcards, which now exceed 30,000, provide the basic imagery for his paintings, prints, rugs, videos and sculptures.

So, mark your calendar to be sure you don’t miss this wild exhibit from one of Akron’s own.

Here at Unbox Akron, we call the OSC Tech Lab home. Our office is in the co-working space weOSC-Tech-Lab-Community-Membership-Unbox-Akron-January share with The Devil Strip, Launch League, Coffee and Code, and a few others. It’s a great place to work because there is always someone you can bounce new ideas off and get a different perspective. Not to mention that everyone around you is working on getting their businesses off the ground as well. It’s inspiring, and you’re building allies for your project by working in a co-working space.

When we were first getting started, I spent a lot of days working in coffee shops across the city. The advantage was that I had easy access to coffee and wi-fi. The downside was that I had to pay for the coffee and the wi-fi was dodgy at best.

Well there is coffee and fast wi-fi at the OSC Tech Lab and it is included in our membership. The OSC Tech Lab is hosting a Pop-Up Tech Lab event on February 9th. That day all of us Tech Lab-ers will be working at the Akron Art Museum. Doesn’t having the whole Akron Art Museum as your office for a day sound like fun to you?

Photo Courtesy of Shane Wynn

Here’s a little trivia for you. Did you know that the first rubber duck toys were manufactured here in Akron in the 1950s? Did you know that the Pro Bowlers Association was founded in Akron in 1958. We combined those two facts into BOWLING RUBBER DUCKS!!! How cool is that? Each of our members got a pair of bowling rubber ducks – one holding a bowling ball, the other holding a bowling pins. Just a fun way to tell a little quirky Akron history.

Photo Courtesy of Shane Wynn

Our subscribers also got a few other small things to show their Akron pride. We included hand made bottle cap magnets that showed the marquee from the Nightlight Theatre and the logo from the recently torn down Studebaker dealership. Easy conversation pieces for the refrigerator door. Don’t let your friends come over and steal them, Unboxers. If they want some, tell them to get their own.

Photo Courtesy of Shane Wynn

Our members also got Unbox Akron and Devil Strip logo pins. Perfect for your backpack, jean jacket, lapel. However you want to wear it and show your support, we appreciate it. We just want to see a picture of you rocking the goods.

And last but not least, an Unbox Akron sticker, because honestly, who doesn’t love a sticker. Maybe on your computer. Maybe on your lunch box. Maybe some of you all are rebels and stick it someplace where it shouldn’t go (we aren’t tell you to do something to get in trouble). Once again, we just want to see picture of where you put your Unbox Akron sticker. If you all are creative, maybe we will include a different design in the next boxes.

So, we hope everyone is enjoying their Akron swag this month. Thanks to all our wonderful Unbox-Akron-January-Stickermembers for making this such a fun project to share with everyone.

Let me take a moment to give a shout out to two great members, Kelli and Rachel who love showing off their Unbox pride by sharing the good online for all their friends to see. We love you two. You’re the best!

Until next time.